Marketing writing & content are my focus

ROI obsession

This can be summarized in one word – impact.  For a campaign to deliver phenomenal results I start with a birds eye view and look for hyper responsive markets, segments and leverage points in cost and gains. I use ROI as the guide for everything I do.


Creative design that arrests attention. Copy that converts. And data-driven feedback that moves the message closer to perfection.


My first exposure to marketing was when I ran a retail store in Fort Myers. I managed the staff and was tasked with increasing foot traffic. Not having a budget, I used hyper-local marketing techniques, focusing my attention on Facebook, Yelp and Craigslist.

Later, I ran a crowdfunding campaign at One Spark Jacksonville. There, I came to understand what motivates the crowds that live online. I became aware of the power of influencers to infect these crowds with memorable messages.

In 2015 I was hired as marketing manager at Schoemans. I crafted the marketing message and this culminated in two print ads that appeared in the Namibia Trade Directory, one of the largest business publications in the country. Another ad appeared in the Namibian, the most popular newspaper. Print is still relevant in Namibia.

Subsequently, I was hired at iMarketing, where I started as a part time consultant but was later promoted to marketing manager. I was involved in every aspect of growth, management and content creation. Highlights included being retained by Old Mutual Namibia as their digital consultant and driving their engagement up 600% on Facebook and 700% on Twitter in three months.

At the same time I was doing this, I managed a real estate company called Zone 1 Real Estate. I grew the company to six agents who I managed and trained. This agency was heavily reliant on Facebook videos for lead flow. Some of these can be seen in my portfolio.

Now, I’m a part-time marketing consultant at Ashihe and a social media evaluator at Appen. Working at Appen has given me the skills needed to work in fully remote positions while consulting allows me to remain active in marketing.

My professional interests include business strategy, marketing and sales, tech and startups.

As an avid technophile my hobbies include reading cryptocurrency whitepapers venture capital blogs and asking questions about science on Quora. Find my articles about marketing and tech here.

I’m proficient in two styles of martial arts, and enjoy reading personal development and science fiction books to unwind.

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Companies I’ve worked with


Tala is also one of the most entrepreneurial people I know. He’s a futurist and has a passion for technology startups, crowd-sourcing, and all kinds of artistic media, and I believe he’ll be finding a way to bridge these areas together successfully in the near future! If you are looking for a great person to bring onto your team, and someone who is extremely learning agile and personable, look no further!

Mike Cilla HR Business Partner JUUL Labs

Tala helped my business find customers. We were struggling to find purchasers with the usual means. The idea that he had was simple but powerful. I’m glad we used his service and I would recommend him to anyone.

Jesse Hauuanga CEO Zero Advanced Solutions

Me and Tala worked on a lot of projects together.    He always knows what he wants and knows how to communicate it clearly.  He works quickly, and effectively and he’s really one of the best marketers I’ve ever worked with.

Wilhelmina Abraham Marketing Communication Manager at Quinno Tech Innovation

Hubspot Inbound Certified 

I understand the pain of hiring the wrong person.  The time and energy spent getting them up to speed just to find that they aren’t a good fit for your company.  This is why I’m offering a free trial in the form of 90 minutes of free work to see if we will work well together.

Let’s talk right away.  I’ll reply within 24 hours